Thank you for visiting Web Design Plus 1! We are enthusiastic about building dynamic functioning, PHP coded, powerful database-driven websites, and we have a wide library of programming packages to choose from.

Weather you are seeking an entire website design, or want to enhance, add to, and expand your current website's functionality, we can examine your situation, along with any existing site code and assess what the best integration method will be.

We Do What Most Web Services Won't (and can't!)

As website code HTML5/CSS3 experts (everyone on our coding team is a seasoned webmaster), we build quality sites from the ground up. Website development has many parts and layers. Each part must be synchronized perfectly in order to provide an error-free experience to the end-user.

Full Script Installation, Configuration and Integration

To add new functionality to a website, it's a multi-level process. Many things must be in place before we even begin. A large part of this is going to be the hosting plan that the website resides on. Fortunately, the web hosting standards that we rely on, and which a majority of the scripts will run well on, include a standard LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) stack, which is available through most hosting companies. If not, we can gladly run the script software through our servers. (Advanced features can usualy be remotely hosted.)

9 out of 10 clients have a decent website created for them (by service provider XYZ) and although aesthetically pleasing, there is nothing under the hood to make it function as anything other than a nice viewing piece. Our clients need payment gateway pages, custom form processing, visitor info capture, automated processes, and advanced data import, export, and updating to keep their website thriving. Having a webmaster to back all website activity is priority #1 to any successful business or organization.